“It always seems impossible
until it’s done”

—Nelson Mandela


A job is more than a way to earn money. In our one-on-one program, we work to expand your options and find you an ideal fit for a fulfilling career. 


We begin with a two-hour meeting describing the program; during this session we evaluate the client’s background including fields of interest and gauge client’s drive and determination to succeed in the job search.

We tailor a comprehensive plan to include every aspect of the job search.  We summarize client capabilities and accomplishments and work to leverage his/her experience and strengths.

We train clients in soft skills which include all aspects of written and oral communication as well as presentation skills to most effectively present yourself in interviews.

We collaborate with clients to enhance resumes and craft a series of cover letters. Finally, we work with clients to ensure a positive attitude throughout every aspect of the job search.

We instill a very serious attitude; we will only accept successful outcomes for clients, the college graduates. We confidently “guarantee” clients will acquire a job in field of choice. 



Ensuring success in current job - while positioning client for career enhancement


We begin with a two hour conversation; during this session we discuss the client’s current job and his/her job satisfaction; strengths, weaknesses, anxieties. Our near term objective is twofold: providing ongoing counsel to enhance current work performance (strategy to become more successful) while beginning process of exploring new job opportunities.

We work with client to summarize current capabilities, accomplishments and unique skills to develop positioning for new opportunities. Together we develop a plan describing achievable short and longer term options leading to client’s desirable job in the right organization. The client develops a plan leading to job/workplace culture which he/she can be passionate about, while career is enhanced. 

Client may come to realization that his/her interest aligns with another aspect of business (sales, marketing, operations, human resources, etc) and we help the client through the most effective methods of making the transition.

We work with client to determine how to most effectively improve current performance, including methods of modifying behavior and improving interaction with manager, colleagues and staff.

We train clients on how to most effectively present themselves in each workplace situation. We train clients on techniques to deploy to exhibit a positive attitude throughout every workplace interaction.



We guarantee college graduates and those in workforce with suboptimal jobs will acquire jobs in field of choice based upon education, capabilities and skills. Our proven approach includes a plan to:

  • Train clients to successfully use skills, experience and education acquired over their lifetime.
  • Differentiate clients from peers with comparable technical skills.
  • Instill confidence enabling the self-assurance to successfully secure employment; we lift client spirits to assure readiness to compete for the desired job.


  • Positive attitude in every action
  • Commitment to succeed and perform, including enhancing your soft skills (communication)
  • Leverage credentials acquired over prior twenty years: educational accomplishments, leadership activities, professional development, volunteering, community activities
  • Network of all professionals with affinity to you; willingness to reach out to ask for assistance
  • Willingness, excitement and emotional commitment to invest time to adhere to each step of plan
  • Realization success significantly enhanced when professional growth consistent with client’s personal interests, values and skills