“My mission in life is not
merely to survive, but to thrive.”

—Maya Angelou


We strive to ensure clients internalize strategies we develop and organize for implementation.


TeamFlood is a relationship & marketing leader helping companies with customer acquisition, retention and growth. Since 1994 TeamFlood has helped a variety of midsize, smaller and prominent fortune 1000 companies across financial services, publishing, media, communications and retail.


The practice draws on expertise to help clients grow profitably. We ground our work in a thorough understanding of customer needs as well as an understanding of competitive threats and strengths.

TeamFlood is a client-focused marketing leader assisting businesses in revenue generation: customer acquisition, retention and deepening.  

The business focuses on supporting client’s customer profitability, identifying prospects, retaining, and building long-term relationships.

We oversee the creation, design and execution of innovative marketing campaigns via multiple distribution channels (retail, web, digital and phone).




Consulting Services

We help clients grow through existing and new distribution channels: facilitate development of partner relationships by introducing clients to prospective partners through our corporate relationships.

Clients engage us to tackle complex issues ranging from optimizing marketing initiatives through creating new channels and partnerships.

From product management and channel selection we are engaged to create value in an ever changing environment.

We ensure clients internalize recommended strategies and move forward with implementation. We work alongside clients throughout the engagement to ensure success.



Planning and strategy by business segment



Implementation planning and rollout



Partnership development and marketing



Distribution channel optimization



Loyalty and membership programs



Marketing, sales and promotion planning and execution