“The only person you are
destined to become is the
person you decide to be.”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson


TeamFlood, led by Fortune 500 Executive Advisor Tom Flood, pushes clients to achieve success in their business and career endeavors. 


Our Services

Personal Coaching
In our one-on-one program, we work to expand your options and find you an ideal fit for a fulfilling career.


Professional Consulting
We strive to ensure clients internalize strategies we develop and organize for implementation.




“Tom was instrumental in helping me land a fulfilling job.”
—Chris Samuels

“I felt lost in my career path. Tom turned that around for me.”
—John McQuinn

“Tom helped guide me to finding a job in an industry I love.” 
—Jenn Stephenson

“This program really works. I now feel confident and happy.”
—Lauren Agers

“Tom taught me that a meaningful career is crucial for a fulfilling life.”
—Megan Beringer